2020 Shenzhen Jewelry Fair

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    2020 Shenzhen International Jewelry Exhibition officially opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Sponsored by Shenzhen gold and jewelry industry association, the exhibition will last for 5 days, with nearly 500 exhibitors from home and abroad.
    Shenzhen International Jewelry Fair is known as the professional jewelry trade fair with the largest scale, the highest grade, the largest buyer group, the most influential and the highest internationalization process in mainland China. The exhibition will be held in hall 1 and hall 9 of  the Center, with a total exhibition area of 40000 square meters, gathering a number of excellent jewelry products. Among them, there are nearly 900 booths in hall 1, including gold, diamonds, jadeite, silver, pearls, watch jewelry, etc. Hall 9 mainly focuses on processing equipments, instruments, tools, consumables, accessories, packaging, display, and other products and services, with nearly 400 exhibition booths on site. This is also the largest centralized display of jewelry processing and manufacturing equipment in Asia and even in the world. 
     Gold jewelry is a business card of Luohu, Shenzhen. More than 60% of the exhibitors in this exhibition are jewelry enterprises from Luohu, showing the latest production technology and the most fashionable jewelry design concept. For example, Xing guang da industrial design center brings its innovative R & D achievements exhibition, seiffel jewelry presents a new season of Wan zu jin wedding dress, and Ri qi jewelry combines gold with the hottest 5G concept. In addition, the exhibition area of live broadcasting institutions has been added to the exhibition, which brings new experiences such as live browsing, online shopping, internet celebrity promoting, training lectures, etc.

Created on:2020-09-11 13:47