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Jewelry machines, Rotary burnout oven with capacity of 40pcs flasks

Technical parameters:
Model: M.BO.R0040
Outside size: L100xW110xH215 (cm)
Inside size: ф60xH70(cm)
Power input: 12kW
Voltage: 380V,50/60Hz,3 phase

服务:  ・ 30天无忧退货・ 48小时快速退款・ 艺辉自营

  • Jewelry machines, Rotary burnout oven with capacity of 40pcs flasks 



    Technical parameters:

    Model: M.BO.R0040
    Outside size: L100xW110xH215 (cm)
    Inside size: ф60xH70(cm)
    Power input: 12kW
    Voltage: 380V,50/60Hz,3 phase


    Product features:


    1. Compared to similar products, its temp rising speed increased by 30% or so and reducing electricity consumption by about 25%~30% because of rational materials selection and design; additionally it has ideal insulation.

    2. Using Italian imported ultra-high temp resistant insulation brick to enhance thermal insulation effect.

    3. Selecting 2.2mm nickel, chromium and aluminium heating coil from USA which could work for long time under high temp up to 1100℃.

    4. Using advanced temp controller with digital display, and remote observation, clear reading, high precision and strong vibration resistance.

    5. Self-closing protection when the thermocouple is burnout or failure, to avoid the oven out of control or unnecessary losses.

    6. With micro-computer & intelligent time control switch, on / off can be freely set within one week.

    7. Can control the heat rising speed to ensure the quality of cast sintering and extend the life of heating coil.

    8.Oven structure is durable, safe and reliable, convenient mainte-nance & replacement of the heating coil without demolishing the fireproof.

    9. Heating element design is reasonable to make temp evenly distributed inside the oven, plus air flow to help humidity part make proper evaporative emissions to make adequate heat.

    10. Door is equipped with special safety device, When the door opened, the furnace automatically power off in order to ensure operator safety.