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Jewelry machine , 5pcs Flask vacuum mixer for mixing

Power supply:380V, 50/60HZ , 3 phase 
Power input :2KW 
Exhaust speed :15L/S
Max pressure:30inhg
Machine Size:700*640*1520mm

服务:  ・ 30天无忧退货・ 48小时快速退款・ 艺辉自营


    Jewelry machine , 5pcs Flask vacuum mixer for mixing 



    Technician Parameter


                                                       Power supply:380V, 50/60HZ , 3 phase 

                                                       Power input :2KW 
                                                       Exhaust speed :15L/S
                                                       Max pressure:30inhg



    Jewelry machine vacuum mixer can one time can make investment capacity of 5 pcs of 4"x10"flasks, fast  and convenient operation. The most advantage of this machine is that vacuum start while investment mixing, to have investment mixing and investment injection both working under vacuum condition, save your time, and reduce bubble to make a smooth surface item. It is a necessary equipment for high accuracy casting.


    Operation instruction:


    1. Set mixing time(about 3~4 mins) and vacuum time(7~8 mins)

    2. Put flasks into down chamber

    3. Pour suitable water into mixing chamber, then add investment, after that start mixing and vacuum.

    4. When mixing finished, buzzer alarms, then start pouring mixed investment into flasks, vacuum again, buzzer alarms again when vacuum finished. Finally take out the flaks which is full with investment.



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