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Graphite casting crucible and stopper for Yasui KT18

Yihui is a professional manufacturer based in Guangzhou China to supply all types of camic and carbon (graphite) parts using in lost wax investment jewelry casting industry.
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  • Graphite series

    Apply high purity, high strength, high density graphite materials, equipped with excellent experts and high precision CNC equipment to supply clients with high quality graphite melting crucible, graphite casting crucible, graphite ingot mould, graphite mould for tube, slice, wires. Graphite series can be customized .


    Model Size (mm) Weight Remark
    Φ H Hole OD
    G.GC.K0040 70 128 8




    Yasui KT18
    G.GC.K004S 16 145.5 7




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