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Yihui P2500 Magnetic tumbler Series

Apply to jewelry surface processing,suitable for the polishing of gold/silver/copper/zinc-alloy and other metals without magnetic.Suitable to make the surface of hardware to be smooth without burrs.
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  • Yihui brand Magnetic tumbler apply to polish for gold,silver,copper,zinc alloy and other metals without magnetic,adopting magnetic force to conduct the stainless steel polishing pins and produce the rapid rotation and high-rotation floating flow, vibration, reversing and rolling, upward movement, sliding across the surface of the workpiece, the inner hole, the inner and outer teeth and the surface, and the uneven surface friction,achieve high-efficiency removal of burrs, oxide films, lines, polishing, cleaning parts, etc.

    Technical Parameters
    Model            M.MT.P2500                
    Outline size 450*420*530mm
    Net weight 37KG
    Power 1100W
    Voltage 220V,50/60Hz
    Motor rotation speed 1400rmp/min
    Polishing amount 2500g

    1. Do not put iron, cobalt and other objects that are attracted to magnetism in the polishing bucket
    2. The machine should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and the surrounding temperature should not exceed 40℃
    3. The machine should be placed on a flat and stable ground, and the balance must be adjusted
    4. The input power supply should pass through the air and safety switch. The voltage must be stable and equal to the voltage of the machine. The machine is equipped with a frequency conversion controller and must be well grounded.

    • Product name
      99 Investment Powder
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